Monday, April 30, 2012

Hunger Strike Press Bio

Hello! Here is my press bio :) 

Don't go too hard! I wrote it late night lol:

I am Natalie, I am finishing up my second year at CSUSB. I transferred to CSUSB from a community college after attending a public high school and public elementary. One could say that I am a product of the public education system, as such; I understand the need to protect and actively defend public education. All my life, the value of being able to provide for myself and for my family through hard work and effort was instilled with in me. Getting a college degree and one day earning my Phd is the avenue that I have chosen to make my family proud and to give back to the community. During my time at CSUSB, I became involved with Students for Quality Education after hearing a lecture from a professor about the current crisis in the CSU system. I remember it very clearly the passion and empowerment that learning that information that day gave me but I also remember the disappointment and frustration that I felt when I learned of our current administration and our elected official’s policies. I realized many students are ignorant of these issues due to the struggle of our daily lives but it is though that ignorance and passive complacency that we are being taken advantage of. Students have increasingly become a commodity. After learning this, I began the long journey toward discovering my political voice in education through the organization of petitions, teach-in, rallies, and marches. I do not stand alone in this; I stand with students statewide and nation wide in the quest for a quality and affordable education.  Time and time again, we have put all our heart and energy into each of these actions and time and time again we see our voices go unheard. Enough is enough. I have had enough of seeing those in my generation become demoralized by the suppression of our voices and I refuse to comply any longer. This is why I have chosen to follow in the great Gandhi’s footsteps and hunger strike with my fellow warriors for education. This is an extreme act, but it is an extremely nonviolent way to fight the injustice our generation is being faced with. 

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